Cohort 26

Zephaniah Yisrael (he/him)

When I first encountered GCF, I was unemployed at the time and making no income. The program was recommended to me at the suggestion of my mother after my last job was dismantled. I saw the program offered and presented plenty of opportunities, and chose to pursue them. In this sense, I was able to gain a newfound purpose as well as an offer to make somewhat of a living. I’m thankful I did and was able to take advantage of them as they were presented to me! I’m still learning and acquiring new information related to and ranging from: energy efficient practices, GPro (energy efficient buildings), and overall sustainability and green practices! I’ve also developed a newfound interest in green energy and herbalism for health sustenance as well. Overall, I’m glad I had the opportunity to be a part of GCF and help the local community through education and outreach and my fellow Corps Members with a joyful building hand to extend!

Graduate Gallery