Cohort 26

Brian Martinez (he/him)

Green City Force has brought me lots of new experiences throughout the past 6 months. I never imagined my capability in building insight from the people I worked with. I made a plan to involve myself more in a space where I can meet new people and work in a different type of environment where I can explore and obtain new experiences. Before the program, I had just graduated high school at the beginning of the year and needed to find a way to advocate for myself in as many ways as possible. I decided to apply myself to programs and jobs where I can learn a lot. I’d say my favorite part of the program was being able to obtain my driver’s license with the expenses covered by the program. Lastly, I believe the staff has been supportive and upright with me and other Corps Members from my experience. Especially, the Service Coordinators in encouraging and engaging with the Corps Members of their teams. In conclusion, I appreciate them for their hard work and the members I’ve worked with.

Graduate Gallery