Love Where You Live

Love Where
You Live

Promoting NextGen NYCHA Sustainability goals through resident-to-resident education about sustainable behavior changes.

LWYL is a resident-to-resident “credible messenger” model that educates NYCHA residents about changes they can make in their homes to reduce their impact on the environment. LWYL has been recognized as a national model, combining sustainability, workforce development and resident education through service in public housing, and is aligned with the goals of HUD’s STEM, Energy, and Economic Development (SEED) initiative.

The LWYL campaign incorporates modules around energy efficiency, wastewater (“Cease the Grease”) and recycling (“NYCHA Recycles!”) in partnership with NYCHA, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, the NYC Department of Sanitation and GrowNYC.

LWYL Module



New York’s OneNYC 2050 plan commits the city to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, which includes maximizing opportunities for energy efficiency in buildings (source).

Service Corps Members provided education and weatherization materials to NYCHA residents that promoted energy saving behavior, and distributed energy-efficient LED light bulbs helping NYCHA and its residents reduce their power consumption and save money.


LWYL Module


NYC Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP)

NYC DEP estimates that 62% of plumbing backups are caused by the build up of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG), (source). Service Corps Members promoted Cease the Grease! educating NYCHA residents about the environmental issues caused by pouring cooking grease down residential drains.


LWYL Module


The Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer
NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY)
Mothers on the Move/Inner City Green Team

DSNY estimates that 77% of NYC’s waste stream can be diverted as recyclables, compostables or other reusable products (source). Service Corps Members have been instrumental in the roll out of NYCHA Recycles! Informing public housing residents about new access to recycling facilities, the Brownsville: Zero Waste in Shared Space NYCx Challenge, and the implementation of NYCHA’s first door-to-door recycling pickup service and compost drop-off stations at Brownsville Houses.