Cohort 26

Jamari Everette (he/him)

To me, Green City Force represents the importance of both the growth and unity of black and brown communities. I chose to become a part of the GCF family when I finished high school and needed to take the next steps into finding a career. I found out about the benefits of GCF such as the education award and paid job training and the type of environmental work experience they provide. The exposure to professional development and environmental sustainability helped prepare me for a future career fresh out of high school and also provided me with a great working experience. The youth development of that has meant a lot to me as it opened me up to many opportunities that I never thought I would get. I would love to thank the staff of GCF for helping me become a well developed young man and providing me with an amazing career developing experience. I will never forget what GCF has done for me.

Graduate Gallery