Cohort 26

Jordan McCoy (he/him)

Green City Force is the textbook definition of workplace preparation, the staff are beyond understanding and set a goal to remind you that you’re a human being with meaningful limits, boundaries and day to day issues that can affect you. Everyone on the staff team can be viewed as reliable, helpful and having a steadfast motivation to better their members and prepare us for a job setting.Throughout almost every diminutive struggle was someone who made an effort to ensure I was alright and fit to continue or would soon be ready to do so. In Green City Force work isn’t prioritized over any state of your well being nor are you expected to work like a machine until you collapse. This program is a reminder that even through difficulties you’re only human and should never value gaining more money than your own happiness. Before Green City Force I simply had no clue what I wanted to do in my future, now at the very least I have options as well as the know how to pursue those options.

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