Cohort 26

Dayvon White (he/him)

To me Green City Force has been more than just a youth development program, it has been a family for me, it has shown me that I have people in my corner that want see me succeed. Before I joined Green City Force I was a package handler at FedEx. I didn’t like the rate of pay I was receiving so I decided to start my path on choosing a career. That’s when I saw a flier for the program; I knew I was interested in being a part of Green City Force. The most important thing I learned would be teamwork. I was never really a part of a team and being a part of Green City Force has shown me the importance of teamwork. I would like to thank the whole staff for all of their support from the start of the program until graduation. You’ve had my best interest and I thank you all for helping me on my journey.

Graduate Gallery