Cohort 26

Josiah Willock (he/him)

GCF taught me to strive for what you believe in, to become a person of interest not a person of disinterest. GCF gave me unique comradeship and learning new people and new personalities. That feeling I earned from GCF is the reason why I came here. Networking is something every human being has to do in this generation now. Learning and gathering information from others is genuinely what life is about, “Each one Teach one.” Coming to GCF is me leading by example, not letting anything get in the way of my goals. Finding yourself, that’s what GCF gave me. Transitioning to a new life is what I saw when joining GCF. I cherish my thoughts and what I want for myself, I prioritize myself over anything and crave importance in what I do. Striving for importance is the right mindset when looking for careers and GCF has the outlet to strive for importance and a stamped job that makes you proud. GCF showed me that prioritizing yourself is what you need to do because no one will work harder for you than you.

Graduate Gallery