Cohort 26

Sasha Washington (she/they)

Green City Force has given me the chance to put myself in a position where I’m not only skillful but successful. GCF has helped me really put into focus what I’m capable of and where I can go with my capabilities. Prior to GCF, being a high school graduate deciding not to go to college right after, I was working dead-end jobs doing meaningless work. Never did I feel I had actual support from my employers or coworkers. My time here has shown me that it does exist elsewhere and through all the support it takes patience, dedication and determination to make the best happen for myself. A very crucial thing that I have learned while here at Green City Force is that community is very important; because while yes we can have the ability to do things on our own and be comfortable with doing so, having community can make things happen exponentially faster and gives you the chance to give everyone else a chance. I want to thank my Service Coordinator Israel for being super cool and never giving me the short end of the stick. And lastly I want to thank all the staff at GCF for bringing what they bring to the table and always pushing for the best for all of us!

Graduate Gallery