Cohort 26

Lee Sanchez (she/her)

GCF has meant initiative, to take it, to instill it onto others, and taking pride in the initiative I possess. To know your ability, inability and be unapologetic about it. I became a Corps Member because I wanted to further my knowledge in urban agriculture, to the capacity in which I can provide someone else with the insight I was given. Before joining GCF, I decided to take a sabbatical from college to pursue other interests. I stumbled upon GCF and ultimately decided it’s exactly what I needed. Being in the field, I’ve been able to grow with the crops as I prepared them for harvesting. Though I’m a very communicative person, I’ve had a fear of public speaking, and GCF has instilled the ability for me to speak in large, crowded atmospheres. I thank my SC, Nasyah Price, for being unapologetically caring about her job, the field, the crops, her Corps Members, and physically showing me to lead with a smile. I’d also like to thank the entire staff for seeing little me who either did or didn’t know what she would do occupationally and decided to contribute to my development; being able to acknowledge my growth because it’s a visual growth is what I am truly thankful for, acknowledging myself through the eyes of the staff who guided me.

Graduate Gallery