Cohort 26

Tiashya Jones (she/her)

Green City Force has meant a new opportunity and beginnings. It has also been an outlet for me to do good work in the community and harness new skills that will propel me in life. I chose to become a Corps Member with GCF because I wanted to have an opportunity to work while I was in college and didn’t want to get too comfortable. Before GCF I was in college at UAlbany, it wasn’t the best experience and I wasn’t in the right state of mind to be there. After I communicated with my mom she said I could take a break but would have to do something productive with my time and she recommended GCF. The most important things I learned while in GCF is the importance of teamwork and communication while working on tasks. On a bigger scale, I learned about ways to be an anti-oppressive and liberating leader. I would like to thank my SC Abby for helping me feel welcome in the Wagner team and consistently checking up on me and working with me through any troubles. I would like to thank my fellow cohort members who can make me laugh, think and motivate each other to get through our service term and help me remember my why. I would like to thank Support Services for those special one-on-ones that have helped me get through some things that I’m trying to consistently work out in my life out of service. Thank you to all of Green City Force for giving me this opportunity to be a better person.

Graduate Gallery