Cohort 26

Sadé Williams (she/her)

Before GCF I was working at ARC Scholars, an Architect Program where I was utilizing my drawing and digital art skills. I also managed two businesses from home. At GCF I was able to experience, gain more knowledge and indulge in my enthusiasm for plants and agriculture. I’ve learned so much. I feel like I am able to make and manage my own farm or garden. I learned about the power of determination, being able to overcome things you didn’t think you could (i.e. cold weather) and waking up on time. I’m grateful for the opportunities and places we went that I was able to experience at GCF. I definitely made some memories and connections for life. I gained more experience in working as a team and I couldn’t ask for a better team than HOWARD! I am grateful for Nasyah for her patience and guidance with her team. Thank you Steve for being encouraging, understanding and being my biggest supporter. Thank you to Anissa for accepting the Howard Team, being a great listener and providing guidance. Due to GCF I learned more about sustainability and now I am definitely looking forward to pursuing my life goals of being a sustainable fashion designer!

Graduate Gallery