Cohort 12

William Mendez

Before GCF I was working for FedEx. While they’re a prosperous company, I felt there wasn’t an opportunity there for me to become prosperous individually. However, it is hard to get a job outside of maintenance and delivery as a colored male in NYC. I needed change! While the opportunity to gain a new career path was motivating, it was the mission of GCF that attracted me: the idea of helping people from NYCHA become more than just another employee. To put people like myself in situations where we can prove our worth, all while helping communities, from Brownsville to Harlem, down to my hometown in the Lower East Side. Throughout this term I improved myself professionally and physically. The most important thing I learned though was the ability to tune out all surrounding negativity and keep pushing towards my goals. I also went from being an activist for social injustice to being one for environmental injustice, too! I would like to thank my team leader Renee Whittick because I wouldn’t have made it this far in GCF without her inspiration. After this I will continue pursuing a career in agriculture and sustainability.

Graduate Gallery