Cohort 20

Tytionna Peterkin

I went to college for two years but I didn’t finish school because I didn’t challenge or push myself to finish what I had to do. Green City Force taught me how to become a leader and how to motivate myself in many ways. I learned how a black farmer is an amazing thing to be and the history of farming, especially how impactful it was during the civil rights movement. I learned how to challenge myself and worked on public speaking, time management, organization, leadership skills, and agriculture. I learned so much about being a black farmer and both showed and explained my skills to people. It’s rewarding to know how to plant my own produce because it’s the most important thing in the world. During my time at Wagner Houses, Shontanyce was a great role model for our group because she pushed us to be our best selves and also kept it real with us. I want to thank the people who saw the potential in me to become a better person. I would like to shoutout my team members who were there with me and helped me grow, love you.

Graduate Gallery