Cohort 17

Teodoro Sosa

To me Green City Force has been a program that helps NYCHA development kids to have an opportunity to get a set of urban farming and job set skills, to have a team and a team leader that supports you through anything, and helping you get the certifications that you need. What I got in GCF was a team leader named Chevon Cooper and awesome team of Steven, Donnell, John, Kyela, Kyara, Kaliya, Justin, Abdul, and Isiah. Coming into GCF I didn’t know anything about farming, that if you throw a tomato plant in the ground that it will continue to grow, or anything about a hydroponics system but now I know these things. I’m happy with my decision to serve with Green City Force because I know I have college-level knowledge about horticulture and agriculture because of Green City Force.

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