Cohort 11

Tanaeja Wright

Before Green City Force, I had just finished my associate’s degree in criminal justice. I couldn’t find a job and I was taking care of everyone else but myself. I felt like a failure. I met Lawrence when he was recruiting in Bushwick Houses. His words encouraged me to join, but I had no faith in the program until the day my grandmother died on December 25, 2015. I knew it was time to get my life together and become someone special. My grandmother was very proud of me and respected me for all I accomplished at such a young age. During my experience with Green City Force, I overcame a lot of obstacles, battling with homelessness, domestic violence, and a handful of medical issues. But not once did I get discouraged or make any excuses. I continued to come in every day to service on time, leaving my personal life at the door. Green City Force was my escape from all of the issues that I was having. I became an AmeriCorps Member because I wanted to apply my dedication, hard work, and productivity. I knew that with all I had been through in life, this was only the beginning to become a “black power wise woman”. I pledge to never give up on anyone or anything that makes me happy and healthy.

Graduate Gallery