Cohort 17

Steven Roig

I came a long way. GCF gave me a platform to allow me to transform into the person I am today. I’m grateful for the many opportunities I was offered such as culinary, BRIC, hydroponics trainings and East New York Farms internship. I motivated my team everyday in the group chat, on the field, and off service. Every Corps Member has influenced me especially Neffrys, Justin, Hakim, Juan, and Donell — I appreciate every single one of them. Justin and Hakim always gave me confidence and advice, service and non service related. Special Forces Members such as Derrick, Torren, Kyara, and Sneel on Seva 2.5 also influenced me as well. Che has given me trust, a leadership role to takeover for Sankofa, which helped me lead my team to success. Carson has helped me to be more professional while still being myself. Even though I didn’t have Andrew as my team leader he always gave me good advice and brought nothing but good energy. I treated Green City Force as if it was my job. I couldn’t wait to wake up to farm, engage with residents, and give away produce. Thank you Jen, Erin, and Lisbeth for giving me a chance for opportunities. Last but not least thank you Green City Force staff.

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