Cohort 6

Sha-kim Johnson

Green City Force has been the threshold of success for me; a pathway that has shown me that I can make it straight to the top with hard work and determination. I choose to become a Corps Member because I was tired of dead end jobs. Green City Force helped me solve my dilemma by providing me with professional skills and experiences that will make me highly versatile in any work environment. Something important I learned from being a Corp Member is that it’s important to take risks, but more important to be able to see long-term and see where a leap of faith has the potential to take you. By giving my all I was offered many opportunities, including some which I was not so sure I could handle. Though in taking chances, I left my mark through represent Green City Force in the Summit for National Service in Aspen, Colorado. Even though I have accomplished so much here, this is far from the end of my journey. From here I aspire to use my AmeriCorps Educational award to help me pay for college and the skills I’ve learned to help me get through it and stay dedicated. I’ve met a lot of strong role models here at Green City Force. I thank all GCF staff for pushing me and keeping me on my toes (Kenta, Oronde), for always having a plan (Lisbeth) and many others for creating a sustainable work environment.

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