Cohort 15

Sequanna Vaughan

I joined GCF because I was looking for a platform to help start me. I knew what I wanted to do but didn’t know how to start. I knew people that had joined GCF and it was good for them, so I wanted to join. GCF means self-empowerment. I feel it’s an outlet for kids living in housing developments to have a platform to have a way out. To have hope — that’s what Green City Force means to me. To have hope. After GCF, I plan on furthering my career and helping others, and I feel that GCF can help me move towards that career, because they helped me understand that helping others is my calling. GCF taught me to always stay true to my belief that no matter the situation, you’re never in this alone, so get back up and try again. I want to thank my Team Leaders and the staff, and give a great big thank you, heart to heart, to Lisbeth for finding a way to open this platform to me and others.

Graduate Gallery