Cohort 25

Saniyah Grant

Starting GCF was a huge eye opener. When I saw the flyer in my email I thought nothing of it. Then I saw the physical flyer around my neighborhood, I figured it’s a sign to register for this program. It felt too good to be true, but I’m glad I took the chance. I learned so much and my journey wasn’t easy at all. I became a GCF Corps Member because it came with great benefits to further my future. On top of that, I’ve learned how to properly grow fresh crops not only for my knowledge but also for the residents of the community. I was intrigued with the thought of being a BLACK URBAN FARMER. I liked that GCF focused on the idea of black and brown folks farming in NYCHA developments. The most important thing I learned at GCF is self-awareness. I learned to hold myself accountable for my mistakes and also learn from them. Having self-awareness will take you far in life and in any career path. When I started GCF I had little to no self-awareness, but I can honestly say, that will have to be what I learned the most. Thank you Justin and my fellows the most for putting up with me everyday. Thanks to my team, we made it through all weather on two farms. Thank you to my friends that I met inside of GCF. If it wasn’t for y’all, honestly I wouldn’t be coming this long to the program. Thanks Caren and Giselle for being my support system while missing my daughter. Lastly thank God that I made it through this program successfully.

Graduate Gallery