Cohort 22

Rosana Deleon

Before becoming a GCF Corps Member, I assisted in teaching and was actively volunteering at Morningside Park. I took up gardening as an outlet from my grandparents’ passing and a distraction from the pandemic. I realized that working in nature was my passion and I decided to follow it. I then completed an Urban Farmer Apprenticeship at the Hattie Carthan Community Garden with Farmer Yonnette Fleming. While farming with Farmer Yon, I was able to deepen my understanding of food and social justice, ultimately inspiring me to become an environmental steward. GCF gave me the opportunity to continue my personal mission and give me a leg up in my career goals. Felicia provided a platform for me to lead and create a safe space for my fellow Corps Members. Creating GCF Wellness Warriors allowed me to truly believe in what I have to offer and the impact that it can have. Thank you Felicia for trusting me with the mission! And big thanks to Kate, who provided me with the emotional support I needed to finish my service term!

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