Cohort 21

Raymond Rivera

For me Green City Force was something that helped me gain a little confidence and more of a sense of self worth that I lacked. Before Green City Force I was in a state of stagnation mentally and emotionally, I felt as if I was stuck with balls and chains attached to my wrists and ankles making sure I could not move forward. The most important thing I learned during my time in Green City Force is that I’m worth so much more than I think I am and that I don’t deserve to feel the way people from my past have made me feel for so long. I’ve been constantly told I’m not ugly, that I’m smart & strong by family and friends. Yet I never believed them and I still don’t if I’m being honest, but doing this program has helped me take steps forward to loving myself. For that I am truly grateful so thank you to everyone who’s accepted me for me in Green City Force.

Graduate Gallery