Cohort 8 Energy Corps

Nicolas Lopez

Nicolas’ Testimony:

I can’t even begin to describe what Green City Force has done for me, from the many
types of work experience to college and work preparation. I became a Corps Member because of my sister, who was also placed on my team! Before I was in GCF I was in the restaurant industry. I learned so much while being here: construction, urban agriculture, energy efficiency and auditing, cooking, plumbing and much more! After GCF I hope to be working with David out at the Red Hook Community Farm, furthering my education in community composting. I want to shout out to my team-FARM TEAM! There was never a dull day with you guys. Each and every one of you helped me in some way, shape or form. I wouldn’t trade anyone on my team, because we are the best. Shout out to the best team leader in the world, Jen; I truly believe it’s karma that
we were all under your leadership, because we all reflect you as a person and I hope that you know that you’ll be missed. Shout out to Mara, Michael and Amanda for supporting me not only with my college and career path but my personal life as well. Shout out to Erika, Kenta and the rest of GCF Staff! I’ll miss you all!

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