Cohort 25

Nicholas Roman

Green City Force at first didn’t seem like something I would necessarily be so interested in and quite frankly was just an open and inviting opportunity. However after being in GCF for a while and slowly approaching the end of my service term, my views have changed drastically. GCF has taught me so many valuable lessons, even in the moments they weren’t outright teaching us anything. From the values of having such a strong team around you to instilling such a strong sense of ‘start to finish’ mentality. Thankfully I had an amazing team to help me make it through as well as an amazing leadership chain. They have been nothing but supportive and understanding, and it makes me feel great to say that these qualities are not exclusive to these few people I mentioned. Through and through the sense of community and unity feels so natural, powerful, and is easily my biggest take away from the whole program. Before this I was working a job that really didn’t mean too much to me. But after being a part of something that really matters to me, I will forever remember this experience.

Graduate Gallery