Cohort 17

Neffrys Vaquero

I appreciate being part of Green City Force and providing service for the betterment of many communities. I treasure the opportunity of engaging with other young adults who grew up in a similar environment as me as well as engaging with residents from 6+ NYCHA developments. Prior to GCF, I’ve always had a calling to Mother Nature and knew I needed to give back to Her. GCF granted me to not only deliver this set goal but also provided me with tools to continue this mission. Serving with GCF inspired me to grow my passion and ambition to build a culture of sustainability. I am looking forward to leading and/or contributing to social, economic and environmental justice. I would like to thank the staff of GCF including the team leaders CheVon, Andrew, Carson, along with many others like John, Stephanie, Aram, Paul, Precious, Felicia, Erin, and Jennifer. Special thank you and much prosperity to Cohort 17! Keep in mind that humility pays homage and to stay ready because we are the ones.

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