Cohort 21

Louvinious Harris

To me, GCF has been an ocean of perspectives and understandings that has brought me one puzzle piece closer to my understanding of life. My original reason for me becoming a Corps Member was mainly for monetary reasons because I didn’t like my previous job, but then I grew to like the concept of growing crops in an urban setting to help promote healthy eating in the community. The most important thing I learned from GCF/GCA (Green City Force Academy) was an in-depth understanding of perspectives/ how to grow crops and maintain a farm. I want to first and foremost thank GOD for giving me the strength to persevere through this program and I want to thank myself for staying committed and actually finishing my service term. Next, I want to thank Justin, my supervisor at Mariners for being the leader that the Mariners team and I needed. I also want to thank my team at Mariners for holding it down. Finally, I want to thank Steve, Felicia, and the rest of the GCF support staff for their words of advice. It’s just the beginning for me and it’s not about where I’m at that matters; it’s where I’m headed.

Graduate Gallery