Cohort 24

Leyasia Townsend

It’s been a very bittersweet experience as my skills and weaknesses were put to the test like in no other time in my life. I am very grateful and humbled by this experience. GCF is a very open and encouraging environment where I finally felt a part of something. I learned how to navigate other personalities which led me to finally feel comfortable enough to speak out, instead of just writing what’s on my mind. GCF helped me find my voice. I appreciate the support services staff who were there for me & let me talk FREELY as I navigated life adversities. I will miss talking to Emily. I thank GCF for letting me be me, allowing me to journal constantly, and for giving me more! This aided in me finding and understanding myself, along with the power sessions which were my favorite! I thank my Service Coordinator Jelani & Eco Hub Fellows on my team for all their humility and understanding which I had never experienced in a superior figure in the workplace before. I joined GCF to find out how I could better the environment that I’m leaving behind for my kids. Before GCF I was in my last month of pregnancy, I was spiraling trying to figure out how I was going to be a full person. Now I am one, and thanks to GCF I now feel like I have the tools and knowledge and can make a bigger difference than I ever thought I would be able to.

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