Cohort 20

Kimani Williams

Being a part of Green City Force has given me the chance to be in so many enlightening spaces and meet inspiring leaders of the future. From conferences to lectures and meetings organized by people of color, I have never been in the presence of people who would stop at nothing to save something so important to them. Seeing young people uplifting change and action has motivated me to be a leader in my own community. Becoming a Corps Member has allowed me to be a leader in my community, so I can inspire my neighbors. People from NYCHA communities are important and they have a voice. Taking care of our bodies and our minds is powerful. It is political. It is just the beginning of a generation where we teach others that we cannot revolutionize and erase false narratives without taking care of ourselves first. The most important thing I’ve learned is resilience. No matter the challenges or hard decisions I’ve faced, I am still here, moving forward.

Graduate Gallery