Cohort 11

Keyonna Vaz

In my short time with Green City Force they have taught, shown and helped mature me as a person. There were things that I knew about my community and the world but never got an understanding. With Green City Force, I understand what’s going on in our world, in our communities. I see the problem more clearly now and it’s my duty to continue to help make a difference. Green City Force helped change my life to be more green and efficient. Green City Force has taught me how to be a better leader. I already had good leadership, but with GCF I have GREAT leadership. I’ve learned to be more patient, work with others better, network, and be more of a front-and-center person. Before GCF I played the background but always got things done. After GCF I’m the one that has my hand up first and front and center. I thank my Team Leader for pushing me to do my very best and go out in the world branching out and meeting new people. I appreciate GCF for allowing me to get this experience and be a part of Corps 11. My team isn’t just my co-workers or Corps Members. We’ve grown to be a FAMILY.

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