Cohort 11

Keith Ford

I have been searching for a place to call “home” and Green City Force has become that for me. Before GCF I was just another homeless youth struggling to stay in college. With no home, no job and the pressures of college weighing on my mind. I was completely alone fighting a battle without proper equipment. Eventually I was dismissed from college, I felt trapped. I had lost hope, my strength and eventually my mind. During the harsh winter of 2015 I met Lawrence Harris, and he explained the program to me. All the benefits sounded too good to be true, but the only thing I truly saw was an escape route. I could finally fix my broken life, a second chance. So, I began taking the steps to become a Corps Member.

It has been six months now, I have met a number of phenomenal people, saw many places around the city and I learned something very important along the way. The most important thing a person can build on is their brand. I managed to find a piece of mind and service many communities during my term. I helped make futures brighter one CFL at a time but it wasn’t just people that I serviced. I also, serviced myself. I thank the staff of GCF for playing a part in this journey of growth, I am truly thankful. I would like to personally thank Aram Marcelle, my Team Leader and the man I look up to as both a mentor and older brother. My peers on all four teams, I enjoyed the opportunity to grow with you all and hope to be friends after this. I plan to continue growing and pursue a college degree, along with finding another place to spread love and wonders. However, there is one more person that deserves my thanks. When we first met I saw someone who was struggling like I was and I no longer felt alone, we became friends. I don’t think you ever understood the importance of your role in my life. Tanaeja Wright, thank you for being an amazing person. We were able to understand each other and grow together, I watched you grow into a strong woman and you helped me realize how strong of a man I really am. I’m absolutely grateful for you, you’re truly my best friend and I love you. Thank you.

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