Cohort 25

Kayla Austin

Initially, applying to Green City Force was on a whim to get out and do something as the pandemic was coming to an end, it was an opportunity to do some career exploration and hopefully build and develop new connections. GCF exceeded my expectations of what this experience would be – work, be paid, gain experience and certifications, and go about one’s business – instead I was presented with a community, and ample amounts of support and resources. Although these six months flew by, it took a plethora of determination and endurance to cross over the finish line when managing in a team environment, serving in the elements, dealing with bugs and wildlife, caring for 2.5 acres of land etc. It was difficult but a little effort goes a long way and seeing the fruits of your labor alongside the reaction of those that also get to enjoy it most definitely helps. Shout out to the Bay View team, Eco-Hub Fellows Kayla and Mikey, and Nasyah, our Service Coordinator.

Graduate Gallery