Cohort 23

Katurah Bryant

What Green City Force means to me is an opportunity for young adults to learn about new things and have new opportunities. I chose to become a Corps Member because of all the opportunities they were offering and also it would’ve been a new experience for me since I never really grew fresh veggies or built things. Before GCF I was in college which didn’t work out for me, so I saw GCF as an opportunity to get back in college. The most important thing I learned in GCF is that networking with different people is very important. You don’t know who’s had the same experience as you or wants to be in the same field as you. You also don’t know who can think you’re compatible for a specific job and ask you for an interview. I want to thank Hakim. Literally from the time I got on his team until now he’s been nothing but nice to me. Sometimes he’s hard on you but it’s just because he knows you can do things beyond this program. So I want to say thank you to him and I’m glad I was put on his team. I also want to thank my group of people that I hung out with. They brought me out of my shy shell and I learned so much from them.

Graduate Gallery