Cohort 21

Karim Couser

Prior to Green City Force, I was a college freshmen overwhelmed with the thought of my next steps amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Through utilizing my resources from my previous completed AmeriCorps service term, I found an opportunity in Green City Force that I knew would be the right fit for me. Since then, Green City Force has steered me into the right direction in terms of future careers and revitalized my love for the community and the environment. Throughout my service term, I was reminded of the importance of communication and accountability and obtained the hard and soft skills needed to be punctual and self-sufficient in my personal and work life. I believe a program like GCF, where I had the ability to reflect on my areas of improvement through the help of my service coordinator and staff, where they constantly tried to help me become the best version of myself, was the best place for me to become the better version of myself and have a brighter future.

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