Cohort 9

Kareem Mayo

GCF…where do I start? GCF has been a life-changing experience for me, enabling me to reach new heights and also imagine a future in which I can truly prosper. I now believe that life has a greater meaning. More is possible than what I had previously thought, based on my past environment, experiences, struggles and negative outlook on life. I once thought that I had no place in this world, and was trapped in the cycle of just live, die and repeat. I now know that you have to force your way into the world you want to live in. You have to make yourself noticeable, and it’s as easy as pursuing something you love. GCF helped me realize my true love for helping others out. I was underprivileged and missed out on a lot in my childhood. Through all my struggles and tragedy, GCF staff didn’t ever turn their backs on me. They supported me the whole time. Thanks to them I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, this bridge I must build out of hope and hard work. Thanks to my Team Leaders and all the passionate, hardworking staff, I was granted this mindset in which anything is possible. I have learned that one person can spark a revolution. The wise words of Dennis, “Why not you?” has built the foundation to my dedication. Thank you.

Graduate Gallery