Cohort 17

Kaliya Lewis

GCF has changed me mentally and physically, from professionalism to knowing about urban agriculture and loving the person that I am today. I’m glad that I met everyone I did in the program, seeing all these different personalities and races let’s me see all aspects of life in every way and form. GCF has opened my eyes to new things that I’ve never thought about ever doing in my life and now that I see things differently, I know that I can do anything I put my mind to. I would like to thank Shontanyce and Precious for everything they helped me with, it’s good to have people your age to give you a motivational talk and just be there to talk to. I want to thank my friends Chastidy, Shani, Thomas, Kyela, Viv, and Isiah for being there for me when I was ready to give up and when nobody believed in me. I love you guys and without you I wouldn’t have made it.

Graduate Gallery