Cohort 25

Justina Hall

Green City Force to me was an important experience that I appreciate having. I was able to work on my personal growth and professional development as well as create good memories and friendships. I wanted to become a Corps Member to mainly support myself while I attended college. I was interested in meeting new people but also helping myself get better at being able to talk to anyone. Before GCF I wasn’t able to attend college yet so I was home for a few months. The most important thing I learned at GCF is to always believe in yourself and be confident in what you can and want to do. I would like to thank my SC Justin Baker for being a strong, supportive, caring leader and educator. I would also like to thank my Eco-Hub Fellows Alexa and Dominique for supporting our team and being able to lead us through the good and rough days. Finally, Caren from Support Services. She helped me realize things about myself, how to advocate for my needs and wants in my relationships and professional life and simply be listened to what I had to say.

Graduate Gallery