Cohort 16

Justin Atkinson

Before Green City Force I was trying to find a job and found the flyer in my elevator and decided to give it a chance. Through Green City Force I’ve opened up to people, I’m always on time and I’m ready to get the job done. Sometimes my service experience was challenging, for example I didn’t know what to put in the dirt but Farmer John sat down with me and showed me what to do so I could do it on my own. The staff has always been there for support, even though we won’t be here anymore you all are always there for support and I appreciate that. The most important thing that I learned from Green City Force is that we were all individuals but we came on this one island so that we can work together as a team. We found out how to be successful together as a group and look where we are now. We about to graduate, Green City Force is kind of like high school. We had time together but now it’s over and we’re going in different directions.

To my employer: I’m hard working, I come every day on time and I’m ready to work.

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