Cohort 24

Jordan Rice

Green City Force for me has been the realest, empowering experience I’ve overcome. Before coming across the amazing program as Green City Force, I was struggling with mental health, bad habits, and being a single mom. I furthermore dropped out of high school still afterwards obtaining my GED, not knowing where to even start with my life, I started multiple jobs that did not last more than one month. However, becoming a Corps Member in 2022 was tough, there were many obstacles I was new to and didn’t know how to overcome. There were many times I wanted to just quit, but with the help and support of my staff and my team I stayed and pushed through and I’m glad I did! I learned so much about how important teamwork is, that hard work is always praised and to never give up on anything – it’s never not worth it. I also learned how to grow healthy food for the people and learned many new skills for myself. After this service term I’m so excited to further my career and opportunities and I want to thank GCF for giving me this unforgettable experience and I hope there’s many more to come!

Graduate Gallery