Cohort 5

Jordan Murray

Before Green City Force I was working as a cashier in retail at a department store. The job was leading to nothing and getting me nowhere. I had started the college application process, but was unable to complete it due to my job increasing the number of hours I was required to work. When I first heard about this program, I was hesitant because I did not want to leave my job and because I knew nothing about sustainability or what it meant to be “green.” All I knew is that I wanted to repair computers and work with technology. Little did I know… After being accepted in to the program, I learned that recycling computers and technology, also called e-waste, is a sustainable practice and is also considered “green.” I was able to attain many skills through my service in the urban agriculture field, such as leading large groups of volunteers, that I will be able to apply to any field. From working on urban farms and rooftop farms, to working in kitchens preparing meals for the less fortunate, agriculture and the lack of accessibility of fresh produce in low income neighborhoods became an important part of my life. Over the last six months I have come to the realization that the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables is a growing issue in an urban setting. GCF not only gave me job experience, but they also helped me finish the college enrollment process, and I was eventually accepted into my dream school where I will study computers. I plan to take what I learned with Green City Force with me to school and beyond. Although there have been many challenging times, the positive moments overshadow them by far. My experience with Green City Force has been beneficial in many ways. I look forward to the future where I will be able to use all of these valuable skills, put them into action in my life, and demonstrate to others the ways I was taught to convey myself with Green City Force.

Graduate Gallery