Cohort 17

John McLeod

I feel like Green City Force was a moment I needed in life. There were good and bad times, but it’s a good program for young adults because it helps us be more on point about everything from how you move to how you carry yourself. We’ve seen how we improved from the first day to the last. I know the Team Leaders tried to stay on top of us to get the work done. I find the group meetings at the end of every day cool when the Team Leader talks about the day and tells us to talk to them about everything we’re going through. I like working with Farmer John because he is down to earth and really a calm person to work with. He’s the type of person you can just talk to and I know he won’t judge me, he’s been through it all and I can relate to him because he can teach me a life lesson to take with me. Che always saw my potential to get back up and I just had to do what I had to do and got it done.

Graduate Gallery