Cohort 8 Energy Corps

Jennira Roundtree

Jennira’s Testimonial:

What Green City Force means to me is a better opportunity for young adults like me to escape the mindset that “if you live in public housing you don’t have a chance.” I also feel like GCF has helped and encouraged me to stay focused on where I want to be in my career. Before I joined GCF, I started doubting myself and thought nothing was going to come together. I was filling out job applications and I was not receiving any responses. I started hanging out and doing nothing with myself. When I applied for GCF, I got a response which really gave me hope. After GCF, I would like to start a career in green construction. I want to thank everyone from the GCF Staff and all the Corps Members. First the staff for allowing me to work under them to help keep the GCF brand running and making it known to people. I would also like to say thank you to the Corps Members because they showed me that even though we may all have different situations we can continue to stay strong, push problems aside and aim for what we want in spite of where we come from.

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