Cohort 21

Jeffery Guillen

Being a part of Green City Force has given me a sense of purpose, It was an outlet for me to develop myself professionally and personally. I chose to be a Corps Member with Green City Force because I was unemployed and sought out an occupation that would be productive in helping me seek a career path. Before Green City Force I planned to pursue a career within the energy field but was unsuccessful due to my lack of experience. Green City Force provided basic fundamental skills that would ensure young adults a brighter better future. During my time with Green City Force I was exposed to a lot of teachings and perspectives. It has broadened my mind and it has changed my views on the world. Prior to becoming a Corps Member I was completely unaware of the injustices that plagued our communities but working through the harsh climates in order to provide a more sustainable and resilient environment I became more passionate and I immersed myself in the fight to dismantle social, economic, and food injustices. One of the most important things that I learned from Green City force was the importance of being able to stand up for yourself and being confident. I attribute my new found love of life to the heartwarming and kind staff of Green City Force and I thank my team who worked alongside me in the Howard site. My time being a Corp Member was productive and effective in reshaping and improving myself as a person. I’d like to thank the entire Green City Force organization for affording me with such an opportunity and experience when no one else saw the potential in me.

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