Cohort 20

Isiah Wise Paige

To me, Green City Force means an opportunity to lead to other opportunities that many youth need to help them find what they want to do as a career or at least give a new and very rare experience. I chose to become a Corps Member with Green City Force so I could better understand how to help a community, then how to take the knowledge back to my community and make a change. Before GCF I wasn’t doing anything because I was still dealing with the loss of my mom and my last job was a summer job from 2018. The most important thing I’ve learned during my service term was to believe in myself. I hit roadblocks when it came to community engagement and public speaking in front of my peers because of my lack of confidence. After getting support from my supervisor and fellow corps members I can now fully talk in front of people without nerves. So I want to thank my supervisor Justin Baker for always giving me feedback that I should be confident and I want to thank Zion, LC, and Davion for filling the role when I needed people to lean on.

Graduate Gallery