Cohort 8 Energy Corps

Irving Wright

Irving’s Testimonial:

My time at Green City Force has been an odyssey that I will never forget. I remember the first day I stepped into the Pfizer building and my adrenaline was rushing; I did not know what to expect from the program. Thoughts wandered through my head and my only option was to be optimistic. After meeting and being introduced to the staff at GCF, I knew that I would be in good hands and have opportunities for the future. It all started with a three-week-long orientation where we, the Corps Members, were able to get acquainted and learn about the clean energy economy. Subsequently, we were sent out to do meaningful service that would contribute to our community and simultaneously provide us with technical skills. As a Corps Member I have become more open-minded and gregarious, which helped me to develop my networking skills. GCF has instilled confidence in me that will encourage me to go back to school or find employment. One of my favorite projects with GCF was our partnership with Rebuilding Together to help rebuild homes affected by Hurricane Sandy. I am proud to say that I am a Green City Force Corps Member who has acquired transferable skills by contributing to the urban community and promoting sustainability.

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