Cohort 11

Emonni Cropper

Before Green City Force I did not have a clue to which direction my life was going in. I just knew it was going every direction but right. So many things were going on at that point in time that it just felt like everything was against my favor. I did not care anymore about anything, and was willing to sacrifice a lot through dumb actions I was taking. I was heading to a place that would only destroy my life and my future. I needed a positive change. Green City Force to me is hope. It is change. It is a brighter future. It is purpose, and having something to believe in. GCF is my opportunity to change myself and make a difference in the world through positive actions. I have learned many things at GCF, but something important I have gotten from it is that no matter what type of plant it is, and from whichever environment that plant has formed, growth will happen with the proper care and nurturing. This meaning that we as Corps Members are the plants from many different walks of life and circumstances, and GCF has been the giant pot in which we have all come together to develop, flourish, and shine. The whole staff at GCF are caring, helpful, and just down-right great people who want nothing but the best for members. They have played a significant role in helping me unfold and discover the best me I could be. GCF not only helps change the world, they also change lives.

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