Cohort 9 Cohort 8 Energy Corps

Elisa Almonte

Elisa’s Testimonial:

Green City Force has given me an opportunity to help my community and contribute to making the world a greener, more sustainable place. Before GCF I was working as a cashier in a frozen yogurt shop. I would never have imagined that I might become a part of something so meaningful. The most important thing I learned during my time with GCF was to always be open to growth and change: GCF is the epitome of professional and personal growth. My plans after GCF are to continue my education and ultimately obtain a bachelor’s degree. I would like to thank Aubrie for everything. She has been the most amazing supporter during my time at GCf. I would also like to thank Lawrence for being the best Team Leader I could have ever asked for. He has truly been a mentor and a role model. Finally, I would like to thank Corps Members Ashley and Demi. I will truly cherish our memories together forever

Service Associate Testimonial – Cohort 9

This second term being a part of Green City Force has meant so much to me. I’m so grateful that I had the privilege of working alongside new GCF Corps Members to continue to educate and help NYCHA residents like myself to become more energy efficient. I chose to continue my path with GCF for another term because I felt I wouldbe a perfect fit for guiding the new cohort in a service project that I was very familiar with, the “Love Where You Live Challenge”. What I found different about my second GCF Term as Service Associate is that being in a leadership position made my experience more enriching and fulfilling. After GCF, I plan on returning to college at Barry University and pursuing a Bachelors Degree. I would like to give a HUGE thank you to the entire GCF family, Dennis Acevedo, Lisbeth Shepherd, Mara Cerezo, Michael Johnson Chase, and last but certainly not least my mentor and team leader Lawrence Harris.

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