Cohort 21

Dontik Martin

Before Green City Force I felt like a wanderer, I felt lost, conflicted, and most importantly, I felt like all I did had no true significance; I had the drive with no real road to traverse upon Fury Road. I did construction / demolition, moving, and even cooking, and yet none of that felt like my service time with Meals on Wheels back in my time in High School – until Green City Force. I’ve always tried to do right or help people since I was in pampers and it even stuck with me all the way through but since I can remember, everything had always left me feeling empty like a simple cog or like nothing was truly accomplished (with that one exception). I joined GCF with the simple intent to just get all the knowledge I could and get a stipend, but during my term here I learned what comes with this great power. I have to thank the entire Cohort 21 for the odyssey they’ve journeyed with me and the members who brave the challenge after us. If no one else does it, we must because we can.

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