Cohort 22

Donald Folks

When I hear “GCF,” it means to make our dream work by participating as a team, as a unit, as a force. Throughout this entire program, I’ve realized I have more potential and more integrity to achieve my goals and to make a difference in my community. I chose to become a Corps Member with GCF to further improve my social skills. The pandemic stopped me from interacting with anyone and it made me feel foreign to those around me. I chose this organization to get back into social interaction and I was able to develop relationships with others. The most important thing I learned during my time here is what Justin always says: “Teamwork makes the dreamwork.” As a whole unit, we’ve progressed and I’m proud at how much integrity we’ve put in to get tasks done. I want to thank Elizabeth, Jawann, Felicia, Steve, Kate, Jelani, Dontik, Kay and Giselle for supporting me through tough times while in GCF. Reminiscing back on these recent months, I’ve been through it all: I’ve been through death, I’ve been through family issues, having to bounce back while living under a temporary roof and vice versa. Thanks to them and good advice, I was able to repair relationships amongst family members and everything is all good. My final words of advice to all my co-workers and bosses is this: “Always stay in close contact with family and friends because tomorrow is not promised. You can be here today and be gone tomorrow. So make every moment count.”

Graduate Gallery