Cohort 12

Destinie Lane

Green City Force has done a lot for me within this 10 month term. It kept me occupied and gave me goals. Before Green City Force I was unemployed and fighting for my freedom. I chose to be a GCF Corps Member because it was something different and looked very interesting. I’ve always been into botany, garden and environmental work, and GCF was the perfect match. To me, Green City Force means peace and growth. GCF gave me a second opportunity at life and I greatly appreciate every staff member I have come across for helping me through my journey. The most important things I learned at GCF were how to be patient, be one with the ground you walk on, and that nothing or no one is more superior than the other–human, insect or plant. After Green City Force I plan on going to college, continuing my education studying botany, environmental sciences, and entomology, and also hopefully starting a career in the horticultural field.

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