Cohort 15

Daquan Jordan

Green City Force was like a roller coaster: it had its ups and it had its downs, but the one thing Green City Force wouldn’t do is let you down. I came to Green City Force searching for something better to do with my life, something more sustainable. Before I enrolled at Green City Force I was an intern with the NYPD, and although it was something to work on for the time being, I just felt it wasn’t meant for me. So afterwards, I had one discussion with my housing project manager about career development, and he recommended that I apply to Green City Force. At first I thought that I wouldn’t make the cut and I had a lot of doubt, but I applied anyway, I tried my best, and what do you know? I GOT IN! The real test was after I got in, but after five months of consistent training and work I was able to pull through with the help of Cohort 15.  I think I’m finally confident enough to tackle my goals of going to college and learning graphic design. Without further ado, I just want to thank Wes, Precious, Rosalba, Stephanie, Aram, Amelia, Lawrence, and all the Illuminators, and for the names that I didn’t mention there is also appreciation for you too.

Graduate Gallery