Cohort 8 Energy Corps

Ashley White

Ashley White, Queens

Before Green City Force, I had just moved to New York a few months prior from Alabama and I had no idea what my next steps in life would be. I wasn’t mentally prepared to go back to college and, on paper, I wasn’t qualified to pursue the quality jobs that I wanted. After attending an info session, I knew that GCF would be the push I needed and a vessel for creating my career path. Now I want to become a public health educator, focusing mainly in nutrition and later becoming a licensed dietician after I return to college and earn my bachelor’s degree. I would like to give a special thank you Kenta Darley-Usmar and my team leader Jennifer Tirado for their contagious passion they have for the work that they do. It was Kenta’s intensity that inspired me to try out and Jen’s dedication that kept me going throughout the entire 11 months. I’m extremely grateful for this experience and hopefully my journey will inspire others.

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